Which are the trends of 2022 in Recruitment and Background Screening?

The field of Human Resources, and implicitly recruitment, is constantly changing. New challenges occur at every step and, with them, innovative solutions arise.

Among the solutions found by specialists in response to the changes in the industry is the use of the Background Screening process, also called Background Check.

1. Artificial intelligence and digital recruitment

The expansion of AI and digital tools is seen in most areas. Recruitment and Background Screening are no exception. More and more digital technologies and tools are being used, whether we are talking about sourcing, staff selection, attracting candidates, or interviews. All this comes as a help in finding the right candidate.

In Mindit Consulting, we perform Background Checks through applications adapted to the market’s current needs.

2. Work from anywhere: remote & hybrid work

The transition of companies to the remote or hybrid workspace has accelerated the need for transparency, trust, and matching in values ​​and culture between employees and employers. We expect employers to place even greater emphasis on protecting the company, customers, and employees in the future.

The market shows that Background Screening is seen as a standard step in the recruitment and selection process, impacting building transparency and trust in the business environment.

3. Freelance work

Choosing a partnership with freelancers can have significant benefits for both parties. Companies decide to collaborate in this work system for direct access to specific skills, optimization of internal resources, and increasing diversity and new perspectives. On the other hand, collaborating as a freelancer also benefits candidates. These include program flexibility, self-management, and skills improvement in various environments and projects.

From the perspective of Background Screening, we notice a strong trend in checking freelancers like any other candidate for secure collaboration.

4. The most verified areas in the Background Check

Most companies mainly choose to verify Professional Experiences, Studies, and the Legal area.

We cannot ignore a significant trend in the field: Media & Social Media Checks. Checking the online activity of the candidates talks about people’s behavior in the digital space. One great benefit is the safety of your company and employees. Furthermore, this check helps you protect your company’s reputation and maintain integrity.

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