Top 5 Myths about Background Checks and Why They are not True

It is a well-known fact that background checks bring value to companies. Background checks bring more honesty and transparency into the hiring process, making it more secure.

Romania’s background screening industry is developing increasingly nowadays, and no matter what country we are talking about, there are myths and misconceptions about background checks.

You may have heard these myths about background checks, and we will also discuss the reasons for which they are not true.

1. The employer tries not to hire me if they are doing a background check

Why is it not true? Most companies do background checks to keep the hiring process safer and ensure the candidates are the ones they are searching for. It matches the new employee’s values with the company’s culture. The truth is that the process brings more transparency for the employer and the candidate. Our background screening process is objective, and we understand how important it is to get accurate information.

2. You must do background checks only pre-employment

Most companies do background checks at the beginning of the recruitment and selection process to ensure they find a suitable candidate without losing future resources. Other companies do background checks during probation or after specific working periods. Ultimately, it’s the hiring staff when it’s the most proper time to do background checks.

3. Only big companies do background checks

Honesty and transparency are essential for every business, no matter its size. So, even if you are hiring a huge number of people or just a few, you need a high level of safety and quality for your company, your employees, and your clients.

4. The candidate’s data is too personal and might be unsafe

Why is it not true? The process is going entirely according to the laws and GDPR. An essential part of the process is obtaining the candidate’s written consent. Without the candidate’s consent, we do not proceed with the verification. Also, we are only working with information regarding professional life and information that could harm the future employer.

5. Background screening analysts are like detectives

We have heard it so many times! As fancy as being a detective sounds, it is not true. A background screening analyst is a background screening analyst. We work with personal data, having written consent, and our mission is to raise the honesty level in the business environment. ‍

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