The candidate’s rights during a background check

Should I be worried about a background check?

The short answer is no; you shouldn’t be worried about going through a background check. There is nothing to fear about a background check, and everything is safe and legal.

Now let’s see the long answer and debunk some myths about the process!

1. Background checks are run according to the law

Through our background checks, we work with private information. We acknowledge how important it is to respect the rights of the candidates, and that’s why our process is GPDR compliant, respecting all the laws (Find out more about the legislation here). Very important: We only conduct the process with the prior written consent of the candidate. But what can someone do if they don’t want to go through the process anymore? The candidate can withdraw their consent at any time. For us, communication is the key to the process. We inform the candidates about what information we are going to work with, and we encourage our clients to discuss with them and explain the process. Answering every question of the candidate about the process is essential for the procedure.

2. What information does a background check reveal? 

Only information regarding the professional activity will be shown during a background check. At Mindit Consulting, there are 8 information areas that we work with: Employment, Education, Legal, Directorship, Media & Social Media, and CV information. Some examples are information regarding periods and positions of working experience, drug test results, ongoing lawsuits, etc. You can find out more about these areas here.

3. What if I don’t want a specific check?

It’s all good! We will only verify the areas that the candidate agrees to. We do not conduct background checks without consent and do not work with information that the candidate disagrees with. The candidate’s consent has multiple options. For example, let’s say someone wants their studies verified but disagrees with a previous work experience check. It’s easy because candidates can consent only for the checks they agree to.

4. Is a background check going to make the hiring decision?

The hiring decision is only in the employer’s hands. A background check can only help make an informed decision, but it can’t decide whether to hire someone or not. The process presents facts and information about the professional aspects of the candidate; it shows you how good the matching between the candidate and the company is. At Mindit Consulting, we do not recommend who to hire; we present the complied facts from a background check report.

5. What happens to the information after the background check?

Usually, if a candidate consents, we process their data anonymously for statistical purposes. But what if a candidate does not want their data saved? A candidate that wants their data deleted can obtain this through a request. This way, we delete each piece of information gained throughout the process.

To conclude, there is nothing to be scared about during a background check. Transparency and communication are crucial elements of the process. We acknowledge how important it is for the process to work according to the laws in force. We are always glad to answer questions and clarify any uncertainty that may appear.

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