Our PBSA membership is a pledge to high industry standards

We are proud members of PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) in which our GM, Laura Rosianu, is Chair of the Board for the European Council since 2020.

You might ask yourself why is it so important for us to be a part of PBSA.

Well, first of all, it gives us access to a worldwide network of companies that are in the same field of action, it gives us a birds’ eye view of legislation and that translates into updating our processes constantly to keep up with global trends.

Second of all, it means that we are governed by the highest of industry standards. Let’s go through some of the most relevant of them so you could get a better picture of the background screening process.

Every candidate is informed beforehand of any checks that we do. This means that the entire process is agreed upon by both candidates and companies. There are a lot of direct benefits to transparency. First of all, it is legal protection for the companies. Second of all, every party involved will be aware of the intent and purpose of our process. It is paramount that the process is done with full transparency to get a 100% objective background screening report.

As a member of PBSA, we operate within a local legal framework, but we also tailor our process to comply with international law. This is especially important when working with multi-national companies. We proceed with the process only with the written consent of the candidate and our process implies reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy. And all the data that we gather is treated as confidential, only to be used in a specific report that is delivered to the potential employer.

We make use of our extensive network of institutional partners so that our reports are 100% accurate. Making these inquiries, with the prior consent of the candidate gives us the ability to generate a crystal clear picture of a potential future employee.

We work fast. Our team can yield faster response times than any internal HR department. We can return a background check report within a few working days reducing the time employers need to make an informed decision.

If you take into consideration your internal cost and time to do a background check, or maybe the cost on your business by hiring the wrong person, a professional service like we provide will give you a high level of accuracy and a great cost to value price point. Think of it like an insurance slip that you put on your team and business.