Hundreds of work hours and a nationwide network of institutions – this is how we do it!

We’ve come across this question a lot. How do we do it? How can we look through any given resume and fact-check every line, from work experience to education to recommendations and even legal areas?

We’re not some secret service trainees and none of us has a detective degree. That would be a setback, come to think of it. But we are hard-working and passionate about the job.

Our goal is an objective report on the candidate, that would help our clients taking informed decisions and we have developed means to that goal over years of experience.

Even though we work hard, hundreds of hours of work won’t cut it in this industry. There is something more and far more valuable. A growing network of institutions from all areas of society.

We have worked with over 90% of all universities in Romania, and that allows us to cross-check education.
We have a very strict policy on establishing trusted contacts with HR departments, so we can check references, experience, and jobs.

We have worked with legal institutions so we can check legal background, so our clients hire people for a safe work environment.

All in all, our network consists of hundreds of highly professional people each in their field of expertise. This is truly where our strength brings the highest value to our clients and this is what allows us to be 100% accurate when delivering a background screening report.

If you want to chat about how our network can help you make the best hiring decisions, drop us a line at