How to prepare for an employment background check?

As a candidate looking for a new job opportunity, you may have to undergo a background check during the hiring process. Think about it as a verification and confirmation process of the information you provided to the employer and a review of your public records (for example, criminal records, financial credits, media, and social media presence). A background check is the first step towards a trustful work relationship, and it helps the employer determine if you are a good fit for the position and, overall, for the company.

What information do you provide in the first place?

All background checks are conducted with the candidate’s written consent. Therefore, the candidate signs the consent form. The first information that the candidate provides is:

– Your legal name (and previous name if it is applicable)
– Birthdate
– Address
– Previous
– Contact details
– Along with this information, one of the first steps is sharing your CV.

What do you need for a background check?

Most of the time, you will need a copy of your CV and diplomas for studies &training. But of course, the documents and information depend on the check. For example, for the ID check, you will need to provide your scanned ID, and for the criminal record check, you will need to get your criminal record. Also, checks such as drug tests require you to go to a specific medical clinic to do the tests.

Other things to consider when going through a background check

Background screening analysts might need contact persons (for references, for example), which is of great help when the candidate provides a contact person.

As a candidate, you must be informed of all your rights and how the process works. At Mindit Consulting, we communicate with the candidates, explain the process and their rights, and answer every question they might have. Therefore, we are happy when the candidates are open to providing additional information when needed. We recommend candidates be open to discussions based on the background check report with future employers; thus, this is the first step in a transparent and trustful work environment.

Don’t forget that honesty and transparency are essential for background checks! Explaining some information and discussing things between employer and employee are normal for the process!

Companies do background checks to make smart, informed hiring decisions.

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