Behind the Scenes of the Background Checks

We know how important transparency is in business. For us, it is one of the core values; therefore, to make things more precise, we’ll share some information from inside the background screening process.

There are still misconceptions about background checks, and we want to make things more transparent for both employers and employees going through the process. Therefore, we will discuss how a background check works inside our company.

Please note that each process is unique and comes with new findings.

These are the elements that we find crucial for each background check that we conduct:

1. Informing the candidate and having the written the consent

This first step is crucial. The candidate should be informed about the background check: what it includes, the areas that will be verified, and the legal aspects and rights. For more transparent communication, employers can also discuss why they do background checks in their company. After that, the candidate can sign the consent. We are always willing to answer questions from our clients and their candidates because this is essential to building a high-quality process based on honesty. This way, we can clarify any concerns that the candidate might have.

2. Conducting the background check

After we’ve got the documents and written consent of the candidate, we proceed with the verification. The time that it takes depends on the areas that we verify. A Mindit Consulting Background check takes somewhere between 1 and 10 working days. We verify eight areas which you can find here.

There are checks for which we directly contact institutions/companies (e.g., Employment & Studies checks). We use official online databases (e.g., Legal & Directorship checks) for other checks. Our team does other checks entirely (e.g., Media & Social Media and CV Overview checks).

3. Constant communication

Communication is crucial throughout the background checks. All three parts must communicate transparently. The candidate’s cooperation with the employer and the background screening company is essential. We encourage the candidates to address any concerns and questions that they might have. Also, we discuss with the candidate any possible misinformation that may appear during the process while informing our clients about the findings. We notify our clients about any potentially harmful information that the background check reveals, keeping a non-discriminative perspective.

4. The results of the background check

At Mindit Consulting, we pack the information obtained from the process in a coherent report. We offer our clients an “Interim Report” in the middle of the process to keep them updated on the status and information we find. “The Final Report” contains all the information we acquired throughout the process. By understanding the final report, the employer can be sure that he makes an informed hiring decision.

5. Literally behind the scenes:

During the process, we discover a lot of information: mismatches regarding the positions and periods and different perspectives on the candidate’s performance and experience. A background check can reveal conflicts with previous employers based on unprofessional behaviors and frauds like false diplomas, certifications, forgery, etc.

Let’s wrap up:

Companies conduct background checks for many reasons, but the most important is aligning the candidate’s values with the company’s culture. Before starting the process, the employers and candidates should be informed of the process to understand better why it is beneficial for a great future work relationship. Along with honesty and transparency, communication is essential for the procedure. The information acquired from the background check is non-discriminatory, and it concerns only the candidate’s professional life. The hiring decision belongs to the HR Professionals, and the background check only helps them make it informed.

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